The world’s first interactive path tracing on ARM

I’ve coded possibly world’s first fast progressive ray tracing engine on ARM. ARM NEON Optimization is used for QBVH traverser and ray-triangle intersection. NEON-optimized QBVH spatial data acceleration builder will be soon. Enjoy!   Interactive path tracing on ARM processor from Syoyo Fujita on Vimeo. FYI, I’ve also integrated LLVM/clang to this raytracing engine forContinue reading “The world’s first interactive path tracing on ARM”

Mallie Monochrome

Mallie Monochrome is World’s first physically based monochrome renderer. This renderer is contributed to Prof. Nishita who tremendously contributed to CG research field.   The last lecture of Prof. Nishita. A pic from the laste lecture.His presentation ends with physically-based photo realistic rendering of sky and atomosphere 😉   Today(Feb 15, 2013) was theContinue reading “Mallie Monochrome”

hiredis + libuv async example

redis is a fast, compact and great KVS and messaging library. hiredis is official C client of redis and it provides async API utilizing libev and libevent, but lacks libuv. So I made libuv version of async hiredis API example. libuv adapter was grabbed from hugu project Its so simple to adapt hiredisContinue reading “hiredis + libuv async example”

rsocket, new way of RDMA-aware programming?

Recently I’m investigating rsocket. rsocket is a socket interface for RDMA programming(IB Verbs). Easy to code, but still achieve good performance(i.e., low-latency, and high-bandwidth). Apparently, if we code our program using rsocket, it works well. Since socket API is very similar so it is replacable with existing socket API through DLL replacement. There’s hope thatContinue reading “rsocket, new way of RDMA-aware programming?”

OFED userland port to OpenIndiana/Illumos

I’ve ported OFED userland to OpenIndiana151a/Illumos. This port is based on previous work of open-fabrics package from Solaris 11, which is disclosed under a GPL/CDDL. Still I just got success to port and build the source code. I need a people who can evaluate this in an actual IB environment. Challengers wanted!