rspreload is a DLL replacement for socket() functions  taking a leverage of RDMA transport layer without any application modification. rspreload is built on top of rsockets feature. See details here for rsockets: Recent advances of rspreload/rsocket finalIy enables  accelerating existing TCP/IP socket application such like iperf. (At least it iperf with rspreload didn’t workContinue reading “rspreload”

OpenSM on Illumos + Hermon(ConnectX) … works!

In my previous post, I repoted OpenSM doesn’t work. But, eventually, I got success to run OpenSM by updating OpenSM’s version. I grabbed patched OpenSM source code from Solaris 11’s GPL source(open-fabrics package), which is version 3.3.9, then adapted it to ofusr package. That’s all. Yay! It didn’t required to modify hermon driver.

Soft RoCE

Soft RoCE is a software implementation of IBoE(InfiniBand over Ethernet). You can program your InfiniBand program and run it on any Ether devices(e.g. 1 GbE ethernet) without RoCE-capable HBA. I got success to install and run Soft RoCE on Ubuntu 10.4 TLS running on VMWare fusion, on my MacBookPro(CentOS 5.7 and CentOS 6.2 doesn’tContinue reading “Soft RoCE”

OpenSM on OpenIndiana151a(Illumos kernel) works!

Finally I got success to running OpenSM on OpenIndiana151a(Illumos). OpenSM is compiled from source with solris patch(provided by ofusr source package from OpenSolaris era, or open-fabrics source package from Solaris 11, which is licensed under CDDL). In this time, I use OpenSM 3.3.9 + solaris patch(shipped with open-fabrics package). To run OpenSM on OpenIndiana 151a(Illumos),Continue reading “OpenSM on OpenIndiana151a(Illumos kernel) works!”

OpenSM on Solaris11… works!

I got success to compile opensm on Solaris 11, and it seems work well! (At least, it works well on my IB facilities) root@solaris11:~# opensm ————————————————- OpenSM 3.3.9 Command Line Arguments: Log File: /var/log/opensm.log ————————————————- OpenSM 3.3.9 Entering DISCOVERING state Using default GUID 0x2c903000736b9 Entering MASTER state SUBNET UP opensm on Solaris is what manyContinue reading “OpenSM on Solaris11… works!”

InfiniBand status on Solaris 11

Solaris 11 has InfiniBand HCA driver/SW stacks. SW stack is based on OFED 1.5.3, and I’ve confirmed some of them works well Here’s a summary on Solaris 11 InfiniBand status with our facility. HW: Mellanox ConnectX QDR 1port, Mellanox 8 port QDR switch. SW: OFUV(Solaris11, installed with default), OFED SL6.0), WinOF 3.0 RC4(Windows) IPoIBContinue reading “InfiniBand status on Solaris 11”

Solaris InfiniBand SW stack short summary

I’m been investigating InfiniBand(RDMA) things on Solaris 10/11. My ultimate goal is to realize fast and reliable InfiniBand + ZFS storage on top of (Oracle) Solaris 11 or OpenIndiana. Following is the memo of my survey of InfiniBand stack status on Solaris 10/11. At this time, OpenIndiana and Nexenta is not based on Solaris 11Continue reading “Solaris InfiniBand SW stack short summary”

Towards InfiniBand-connected render farm

Recently I’m investigating InfiniBand networking for the use of render farm. Many render guys might not ever heard of it, so let me briefly explain what is it. InfiniBand is a low latency, high bandwidth network interface. For example, InfiniBand QDR(40Gbps. This is the publicly available fastest InfiniBand configuration as of Jun 2011) can achieveContinue reading “Towards InfiniBand-connected render farm”