Towards implementing ray tracing on FPGA at 2014.

While Imagination released a GPU IP with dedicated raytracing logic, still it would be meaningful to implement our own ray tracing on FPGA.

Here’s notes on ray tracing on FPGA nowdays(2014).


– Zynq

ARM + FPGA logic.


Zynq-based FPGA dev board can be purchased from $200 for example ZYBO,719,1197&Prod=ZYBO


– SGRT: A Mobile GPU Architecture for Real-Time Ray Tracing


– Towards Hardware Ray Tracing using Fixed Point Arithmetic

Click to access HW-fixed-point.pdf


– Robust Ray-Bounding Volume Hierarchy Traversal with
Reduced Precision Integer Arithmetic

Click to access paper.pdf

Integer is saving its area by 6x than floating point .

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