rspreload is a DLL replacement for socket() functions ¬†taking a leverage of RDMA transport layer without any application modification. rspreload is built on top of rsockets feature. See details here for rsockets: Recent advances of rspreload/rsocket finalIy enables ¬†accelerating existing TCP/IP socket application such like iperf. (At least it iperf with rspreload didn’t workContinue reading “rspreload”

550D + Magic Lantern Dual ISO finally works!

550D + Magic Lantern Dual ISO finally comes! Here’s my initial test.   Dual ISO records RAW image with different exposure(ISO) for each alternate lines, so we need a processing after shooting(using cr2hdr tool given at Dual ISO page) Cool! I’ve confirmed Dual ISO also works well for RAW video. The problem is processingContinue reading “550D + Magic Lantern Dual ISO finally works!”