OpenSM on Illumos + Hermon(ConnectX) … works!

In my previous post, I repoted OpenSM doesn’t work. But, eventually, I got success to run OpenSM by updating OpenSM’s version. I grabbed patched OpenSM source code from Solaris 11’s GPL source(open-fabrics package), which is version 3.3.9, then adapted it to ofusr package. That’s all. Yay! It didn’t required to modify hermon driver.

OpenSM on Illumos + Hermon(ConnectX)

(Updated: Now confirmed OpenSM works. see my new post) I am trying to run opensm on illumos(OpenIndiana151a) + hermon(ConnectX). I found opensm stops at umad_recv(), entering infinite loop of dev_poll(). # opensm … ibwarn: [2196] umad_recv: fd 5 umad 8147b88 timeout 4294967295 Breakpoint 1, umad_recv (fd=8, umad=0x8124c68, length=0xfe260f58, timeout_ms=-1) at ../src/umad.c:923 923 struct ib_user_mad *madContinue reading “OpenSM on Illumos + Hermon(ConnectX)”

Soft RoCE

Soft RoCE is a software implementation of IBoE(InfiniBand over Ethernet). You can program your InfiniBand program and run it on any Ether devices(e.g. 1 GbE ethernet) without RoCE-capable HBA. I got success to install and run Soft RoCE on Ubuntu 10.4 TLS running on VMWare fusion, on my MacBookPro(CentOS 5.7 and CentOS 6.2 doesn’tContinue reading “Soft RoCE”