OpenSM on OpenIndiana151a(Illumos kernel) works!

by syoyo

Finally I got success to running OpenSM on OpenIndiana151a(Illumos).

OpenSM is compiled from source with solris patch(provided by ofusr source package from OpenSolaris era, or open-fabrics source package from Solaris 11, which is licensed under CDDL).

In this time, I use OpenSM 3.3.9 + solaris patch(shipped with open-fabrics package).

To run OpenSM on OpenIndiana 151a(Illumos), first I faced it doesn’t work, so I have to debug a IB kernel modules(i.e., sol_umad and tavor InfiniHost driver) to find where the error is.

*DTrace* greatly helped me to investigate where causes error and found tavor doesn’t behave well.

Finally I found I need to tweak a source code of tavor driver source, but modification is very simple. Just change a one line of code. Recompile a kernel module with recent illumos-gate, replace tavor kernel with new one, then things goes well!

openindiana$ sudo opensm
OpenSM 3.3.9
Command Line Arguments:
Log File: /var/log/opensm.log
OpenSM 3.3.9

Entering DISCOVERING state

Using default GUID 0x2c90200201e29

SM Port is down

Entering MASTER state