OpenSM on Solaris11… works!

by syoyo

I got success to compile opensm on Solaris 11, and it seems work well!
(At least, it works well on my IB facilities)

root@solaris11:~# opensm
OpenSM 3.3.9
Command Line Arguments:
Log File: /var/log/opensm.log
OpenSM 3.3.9

Entering DISCOVERING state

Using default GUID 0x2c903000736b9
Entering MASTER state


opensm on Solaris is what many people awaiting for.

opensm is a subnet manager, and at least one subnet manager should be run anywhere on InfiniBand fabric to discover each IB node.
Without opensm, you can’t discover/communicate with other IB nodes.
If there’s no opensm on Solaris, you have to have another linux, windows or IB switch running opensm. But, if you have opensm on Solaris, you don’t need extra IB node!

I don’t know why Solaris 11 open-fabrics package doesn’t include opensm binary…. opensm from open-fabrics source(OFED 1.5.3 Solaris port) is ready to be compiled on Solaris 11.

Unfortunately, running opensm on OpenIndiana(Illumos) is not possible since there is no corresponding kernel driver(kernel component of OFED 1.5.3 Solaris port) on it at this time.