InfiniBand status on Solaris 11

by syoyo

Solaris 11 has InfiniBand HCA driver/SW stacks.
SW stack is based on OFED 1.5.3, and I’ve confirmed some of them works well

Here’s a summary on Solaris 11 InfiniBand status with our facility.

HW: Mellanox ConnectX QDR 1port, Mellanox 8 port QDR switch.
SW: OFUV(Solaris11, installed with default), OFED SL6.0), WinOF 3.0 RC4(Windows)


Works well with Linux client, Windows7 client.

SRP target

SRP target on Solaris11.
Works well with Linux SRP initiator.
Not tested with Windows7 SRP initiator.


ibstat seems doesn’t work for 1 port ConnectX HCA.
It fails with following report:

rdma_bw, rdma_lat, …

Works well.

ib_read_bw, ib_read_lat, …

Works well with linux client, but not with Windows7.


Not tested.


Not tested(How can I test it?)


Some of tools(e.g. ibstat) doesn’t work well on Solaris11 (at least on our facility).
But some vital features work well(RDMA CM, IPoIB, SRP).

Testers wanted

Our test(and investigation) is done in very limited facility and OS configurations.
If you are also interested in(or investing) InfiniBand + Solaris11, I’d like to hear repots from you.