Reorganizing lucille project management

by syoyo

It’s not yet finished completely but I’d like let you know I’m been reorganizing lucille project management.

lucille’s git repository

Firstly, I am moving source tree repository of lucille from subversion to git.
And git master tree of lucille is now hosted at github.

git repository is the newest source snapshot of lucille codebase.
You can clone(checkout) recent lucille source code from this site.

lucille project management with redmine

Secondly, we are launching the project management site for lucille with redmine project management tool.
Genki kindly hosts redmine on his site. I’d appreciate for his help.

We are adding tickes, roadmaps, notes and documents of lucille to this site.
You can see our activity of lucille project much, much more clearer than ever.

lucille top site?

Finally, we are planning to launch new top site of lucille which is hosted on at this time, but not soon.

Recently I am now busy implementing higly efficient beam tracing to lucille renderer core for noise free global illumination rendering: A big change which will be included into next release of lucille: 0.2(Plucinella).

You can browse&chase current implementation of beam tracing from here.
(Another good idea is to add lucille to your watch list on github)

bvh.c (beam-BVH traversal)

Once I’ve finished implementing beam tracing into lucille, I’ll design new top site of lucille, so that we can completely reorganize&renew lucille project management.