OoO 3rd follow-up

by syoyo



I’ve held a OoO 3rd, a gathering for offline renderer enthuasists.

This time I’ve reviewed some EGSR08 papers
(Follow the link to see the presentation slide)


A common thing among the papers I’ve reviewed is coherency: Exploit a coherency to accelerate rendering.
Yes, coherency is a key for any graphics algorithm.

The authors(of the paper I’ve reviewed) are trying to find a coherency from single mono ray tracing, but I don’t think this is a good idea.
I believe beam tracing(or something like a finite aperture ray tracing) naturally collect coherency, so their algorithm could be much more efficient.


OoO 第三回に参加していただいたかた、ありがとうございました.
こんかいの EGSR08 祭りで解説された EGSR08 論文はこんな感じです.

Exploiting Visibility Correlation in Direct Illumination(by syoyo)
Irradiance Gradients in the Presence of Participating Media and Occlusions(by syoyo)
Shallow Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Fast SIMD Ray Tracing of Incoherent Rays(by syoyo)
Sequential Monte Carlo Integration in Low-Anisotropy Participating Media(by genki)
Feature-guided Image Stippling(by kishimoto)
Compact, Fast and Robust Grids for Ray Tracing(by ototoi. 加えてわずか 1 日で実装まで!)
ボーナスステージ: 4k レイトレメガデモ解説(by kioku)





しかし 4k レイトレデモ(地形はプロシージャル生成)はすごいね。
4k とは、4k シネマの 4k(画面サイズ 4096 pixel)ではなくて、バイナリサイズがたったの 4 キロバイトという意味.
時間があったら 4k パストレデモとか作ってみたいなぁ.