AMD goes with OpenCL

by syoyo

(via google finance)

AMD Stream Processor First to Break 1 Teraflop Barrier,,51_104_543~126593,00.html

In keeping with its open systems philosophy, AMD has also joined the Khronos Compute Working Group. This working group’s goals include developing industry standards for data parallel programming and working with proposed specifications like OpenCL. The OpenCL specification can help provide developers with an easy path to development across multiple platforms.

“An open industry standard programming specification will help drive broad-based support for stream computing technology in mainstream applications,” said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager, Graphics Product Group, AMD. “We believe that OpenCL is a step in the right direction and we fully support this effort. AMD intends to ensure that the AMD Stream SDK rapidly evolves to comply with open industry standards as they emerge.”

Its a good news that AMD comply with OpenCL.
Since OpenCL itself might be just a specification, they’d continue to develop their own Stream SDK for their implementation.


最近 PC 系ニュースも PC 系サイトからではなく金融系サイトからになりつつあります。

それはさておき、AMD は OpenCL をサポートをするようですね.
現状では OpenCL が並列言語戦争(?)における一番の本命になりそうだ.

Apple は OpenCL の実装に LLVM を使うようだが、
AMD は既存の Stream SDK(Brooks, CAL) を使って
OpenCL の実装を行うみたいだ.

ところで、Ct も OpenCL も、データ並列言語なんですよね。