NVDA acquires ray scale, ray tracing start-up company

by syoyo

(via ompf.org)


Hmm… How they will do then?

At least, current GPU architecture(especially G80) is completely not suited for practical realtime raytracing as evidenced by many researchers and ray scale’s demo performance.

Doing RT raytracing from GPGPU approach as said by Kirk is completely wrong.
They(NVDA and Ray scale) are trying to do raytracing with almost brute force manner, but this is BAD.

GPU maker needs a innovation, for example

– Invent highly efficient realtime raytracing algorithm(for coherent & incoherent rays)
– Implements some HW acceleated feature for raytracing
(for example binary search in HW, beam tracing in HW or AABB isect in HW).
– Describe raytracing as a domain specific language, then optimize raytracing in DSL level.
– etc.