Weekly progress: ~11, May 2008

by syoyo

I’d like to report this week’s progress of syoyo’s activilty

– E-mail discussion with renderer writers in worldwide(almost everyday).

– Read few SIGGRAPH 2008 papers

– Played with Pure language
Pure is a functional language with LLVM backend.
I like it’s syntax and interoperavility of C language.

RenderMan Shading Language to LLVM compiler prototype project started.
rsl2llvm is written in Python.

– Implementing beam tracing
I’m continueing to write beam tacing and trying to combine it with visibility gradient.
Beam and analytic rendering will be the next-gen rendering tech(next to Monte Carlo rendering).

– held OoO(Offline meeting for Offline renderer writers)
It’s a secret meeting 🙂
We’ve discussed many offline rendering tech.