rsl2llvm, RSL to LLVM IR compiler

by syoyo

After some discussion with renderer writers in the world(All is done in English, indeed!),
I’ve decied to launch a prototype RSL(RenderMan Shading Language) to LLVM compiler project, rsl2llvm.

rsl2llvm is the prototype project to quickly find what will be the problem when we use LLVM as a shader VM and translate RSL to LLVM IR.

For quickly investigate the problem, rsl2llvm is implemented in Python: simple but powerful and productive language :). Initial rsl2llvm script code was written just in 3 days.

rsl2llvm is a prototype project, thus it’s goal is not to implement full-featured RSL compiler.
The goal is investigating LLVM’s potential for using LLVM as a shader VM, and summarize it into the document.

svn tree for rsl2llvm can be accessed at

(for browsing)

svn co rsl2llvm
(for checking out)

I’ve also setup a discussion forum for rsl2llvm,

Any comments are welcome.

Another discussion of using LLVM for RSL is available at aqsis forum.


「LLVM, シェーダの VM にいいんじゃね?」
「最適化 RSL interpreter の性能なめんな」
「LLVM の JIT には期待している.
lightspeed は制約が多いんだよ.
ぜひ lightspeed を上回ってほしい」
という感じで rsl2llvm は生まれました.

(世界中のレンダラ野郎の誰もまだやっていないことばかりなので, 候補がいない)

# というわけで OoO とかでどんどんレンダラ野郎を育成していきたいと
# いう思いだけは大きくなります.