Ray-Triangle intersection using Affine arithmetic

by syoyo

Ray-Triangle intersection using Affine arithmetic
Uchimura HAJIME, Kashiwagi MASAHIDE, and Kashiwagi KEIICHIRO

In these days, rendering algorithms are getting complex, and target models are getting dense.Those dense triangles cause precision trouble.
so I used Affine-arithmetic(AA) as a precision-proving tool for intersection calculation.

Just for those who can read Japanese 🙂
(Or if you are intersted in, let me know. I or the author will try to illustrate it in English)

I am very interested in this problem, i.e. how to do numerically robust ray-trianble intersection computation.
I think many people in production rendering and almost all practical raytracer writer are suffering from this precision problem.

Hmm. I’d like to comment it. I think it’d be much better to use gappa to formally verify their result.