WaveScript(Regiment) language.

by syoyo

(from Lambda the Ultimate)

Regiment(a.k.a WaveScript) homepage

WaveScript is the programming language used to develop WaveScope applications. It is a high-level, functional, stream-processing language that aims to deliver uncompromising performance. WaveScript programs execute in parallel on multiple cores, or distributed across a network. Its compiler uses aggressive partial evaluation techniques to remove abstractions and reduce the source program to a graph of stream operators.

functional, stream-process, partial evaluation and multi-core.
Hmm, it would be worth to incorporate idea of WaveScript language into global illumination language(shader + sampler + raytracing + etc) I’m thinking now. I must investigate it.

I know there is already some advanced language(or shader system) such like RTSL(RayTracing Shading Language) and lightspeed,
but those are still incomplete as a global illumination language.

For example, I think we need below features for a global illumination language, and no one find a way how to do it.
– automatic differentiation computation(not in image-space)
– find & exploit time-spatio coherence
– clustering incoherent rays
– automatic importance sampling for user-defined brdf

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