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Quasi-Monte Carlo light transport simulation by efficient ray tracing


Quite interesting and fresh thesis was published, from the author of BIH.

Quasi-Monte Carlo light transport simulation by efficient ray tracing

I didn’t read it yet, I have to read it soon.

# but nowdays, there are a lot of papers I have to read.
# 1 paper per day is absolutely not enough. Dozens of papers per day may be needed to catch up the trend in the literature.


Certifying floating-point implementations using Gappa

New gappa preprint was posted.

Florent De Dinechin, Christoph Quirin Lauter, Guillaume Melquiond
Certifying floating-point implementations using Gappa

I’m planning to combine gappa with my MUDA language for verified and accurate floating point computation.
But gappa is designed for scalar fp code, while MUDA is for vector fp code.
I have to find a way to solve this scalar-vector problem 😉

WaveScript(Regiment) language.

(from Lambda the Ultimate)

Regiment(a.k.a WaveScript) homepage

WaveScript is the programming language used to develop WaveScope applications. It is a high-level, functional, stream-processing language that aims to deliver uncompromising performance. WaveScript programs execute in parallel on multiple cores, or distributed across a network. Its compiler uses aggressive partial evaluation techniques to remove abstractions and reduce the source program to a graph of stream operators.

functional, stream-process, partial evaluation and multi-core.
Hmm, it would be worth to incorporate idea of WaveScript language into global illumination language(shader + sampler + raytracing + etc) I’m thinking now. I must investigate it.

I know there is already some advanced language(or shader system) such like RTSL(RayTracing Shading Language) and lightspeed,
but those are still incomplete as a global illumination language.

For example, I think we need below features for a global illumination language, and no one find a way how to do it.
– automatic differentiation computation(not in image-space)
– find & exploit time-spatio coherence
– clustering incoherent rays
– automatic importance sampling for user-defined brdf

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