Recent advances on motion blur rendering

by syoyo

Last week, I’ve talked/discussed a lot with renderists over the world about the offline renderer.

After the discussion, I think we’ve confirmed that there is still a lot of things to do in (global illumination) rendering.

One of it is fast & efficient computation of motion blur, this still has not been solved fully in the context of RenderMan style renderer, as well as ray tracing renderer.

After I’ve researched recent advances on motion blurring, I found interesting paper.

Eulerian Motion Blur
Doyub Kim and Hyeong-Seok Ko,
In Eurographics Workshop on Natural Phenomena, 2007,

(image from Eulerian Motion Blur)

Almost all previous motion blur technique focuses on Lagrangian motion(e.g. moving objects).
They propose new Eulerian motion blur techniques.
(Some people may imagine this approach is similar to image-based motion blur technique)

Natural phenomenon & fine geometries(fluids, clouds, gases, furs, etc) become dominant part in the (production) graphics, thus I think such a Eulerian motion blur techniques will be developed & used intensively near the future.

Here is another recent papers about motion blurring.

Zheng, Yuanfang ; Köstler, Harald ; Thürey, Nils ; Rüde, Ulrich:
Enhanced Motion Blur Calculation with Optical Flow .
In: Aka GmbH (Hrsg.) : RWTH Aachen (Veranst.) : Proceedings of Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2006 (Vision, Modeling and Visualization Aachen 22. – 24. Nov 2006). Aachen : IOS Press, 2006, S. 253–260. – ISBN Erscheinungsjahr.
(see my previous post on this paper)

Frank Dachille, Arie Kaufman,
High-Degree Temporal Antialiasing
Proceedings of Computer Animation 2000, pp. 49-54, 2000.

(image from High-Degree Temporal Antialiasing)

(my old post on this paper)

Pixmotor: A Pixel Motion Integrator
SIGGRAPH ’07 Technical Sketch, August 2007
Ivan Neulander

(image from Pixmotor)

Vlastimil Havran, Cyrille Damez, Karol Myszkowski and Hans-Peter Seidel
An Efficient Spatio-Temporal Architecture for Animation Rendering
Proceedings of the 13th Eurographics workshop on Rendering, Leuven, Belgium, Pages: 106 – 117, 2003

(image from An Efficient Spatio-Temporal Architecture for Animation Rendering)

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