Caustics are now commoditized for game?

by syoyo

Here’s 2 impressive interactive caustics rendering papers.

One is recently refined paper.
(from level of detail.

(image from “Caustics Mapping”)

Caustics Mapping: An Image-space Technique for Real-time Caustics
Musawir A. Shah, Jaakko Konttinen, Sumanta Pattanaik.
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG)

Caustics pattern from water surface is rendererd interactively, cool!

Another is published by Chris Wyman, the man of image-space refraction.

(image from Hierarchical Caustics Maps)

“Hierarchical Caustic Maps.”
Chris Wyman.
To appear in the Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games. (February 2008)

This paper do caustics computation much more accurately than caustics mapping,
thus fps is low, but video & images shows the caustics pattern is renderered beautifuly.


この二件については abst と conclusion と image しか見ていないだけでの紹介です.

そろそろ 2008 年のグラフィックスの論文もぞくぞくと発表されはじめてくるので、

# abst と conclusion だけしか見ないで紹介、とかになってしまうと、
# エグゼクティブとかもこーゆーやりかたで意思決定するようにしているのかなぁ、
# と思ったり。
# Form 10K や annual report のあれとあれだけ見て企業の業績判断したりとか、みたいな。