Houdini 9 apprentice

http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=589&Itemid=221 Houdini apprentice … Free Scripting … OK HDK(dev sdk) … OK Hmm… model a scene with this Houdini apprentice, then dump a scene data with python script or file out chop, render it with my lucille renderer, would be possible? [Ja] 無償, python スクリプティング可能、 dev sdk も使える… 制約は、レンダリングだけ? これってもしかして自分で RIB エクスポータ書けば、 モデリングデータをエクスポートして、 lucille でレンダリングさせることができるってこと?Continue reading “Houdini 9 apprentice”

Automatic SIMD optimization

I’ve started to carefully reading “Efficient Utilization of SIMD Extensions” [1]. This paper is a good starting point to survey automatic SIMD vectorization. According to this papar, automaic SIMD vectorization is roughly separated into 3 layers. 1. Symbolic vectorization Do vectorization in language or application context level. 2. Straight line code vectorization Find a coherenceContinue reading “Automatic SIMD optimization”

Faust, Signal Processing Language

http://faust.grame.fr/ The name FAUST stands for Functional AUdio STream. Its programming model combines two approaches : functional programming and block diagram composition. You can think of FAUST as a structured block diagram language with a textual syntax. – Functional programming – block diagram composition OMG, This is what I am thinking about core features necessaryContinue reading “Faust, Signal Processing Language”

Apple shares hit $200

http://finance.google.com/finance?chdnp=1&chdd=1&chds=1&chdv=1&chvs=maximized& chdeh=0&chfdeh=0&chdet=1198789200000&chddm=98141&q=NASDAQ:AAPL ポカーン…. 「天才数学者はこう賭ける」 http://www.seidosha.co.jp/index.php?%C5%B7%BA%CD%BF%F4%B3%D8%BC%D4%A4%CF%A4%B3%A4%A6%C5%D2%A4%B1%A4%EB 「ウォール街のランダム・ウォーカー」 http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4532350972 のような本に 2002 年ころに出会っていれば… いままでの自分の financial literacy のなさが悔やまれる… 2008 年は、lucille 0.2 もそうですが、 レンダラ財団設立のための資産形成も考えていきたい。

Performance Counter Super-Resolution

Performance Counter Super-Resolution http://www.spiral.net/software/perfcount.html This idea seems good. Commodity CPUs has precise HW performance counter facility, but when using it, it has a side effect on measured program. Increasing the sampling rate also increases system bus accesses, memory accesses, etc to transfer sampled data, which affects behavior of application running(measuring), resulting in poor and inaccurateContinue reading “Performance Counter Super-Resolution”

MUDA project on Launchpad

I’ve also launched MUDA project on Launchpad. https://launchpad.net/muda Launchpad provides some facility missing on sourceforge.net. For example, managing translation and Q&A. And also Launchpad provides cutting edge Bazaar VCS(Version Control System) for hosting codebase. I’m considering to host MUDA codebase on this Bazaar VCS, instead of sourceforge’s svn.

How To Write Fast Numerical Code: A Small Introduction

How To Write Fast Numerical Code: A Small Introduction Srinivas Chellappa, Franz Franchetti and Markus Püschel to appear in Proc. Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2008 http://spiral.ece.cmu.edu:8080/pub-spiral/abstract.jsp?id=100 とりあえず MUDA という SIMD 言語を作ったりしているものの、 この article でも示されているように、最適化で一番重要なものを上から並べると、 – 効率的なアルゴリズム – メモリアクセス(キャッシュまわり) – 最後に、SIMD 化 になるわけです。結局のところ、小手先の SIMDContinue reading “How To Write Fast Numerical Code: A Small Introduction”

MUDA site opens!

http://lucille.sourceforge.net/muda/ I’ve launched MUDA project page! Check it. MUDA is a vector language for CPU. Yeah, not for GPU or (dead and gone) GPGPU 😉 I’m planning to use MUDA to code core computation part of my lucille renderer. [Ja] 日本語のサイト(ドキュメント)も作るのはめんどくさいのでやりません. そんなことして時間を浪費していると、インド人にどんどん越されるてしまうので。 Past posts on MUDA [1] Idea: MUDA, MUltiple Data Accelerator language for highContinue reading “MUDA site opens!”