Enhanced Motion Blur Calculation with Optical Flow

by syoyo

Image from Enhanced Motion Blur Calculation with Optical Flow. [Zheng et al. 2006]

Zheng, Yuanfang ; Köstler, Harald ; Thürey, Nils ; Rüde, Ulrich:
Enhanced Motion Blur Calculation with Optical Flow .
In: Aka GmbH (Hrsg.) : RWTH Aachen (Veranst.) : Proceedings of Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2006 (Vision, Modeling and Visualization Aachen 22. – 24. Nov 2006). Aachen : IOS Press, 2006, S. 253–260. – ISBN Erscheinungsjahr.



Good motion blur paper from vision researchers.
This paper proposes image based motion blur techniques using optical flow vector field + ray tracer vector field.

The resulting image looks quite nice in overall, but still there seems some artifacts remain
(e.g. see blender monkey’s shadow on right side in fig 9(c)).

Anyway, efficient motion blur computation in ray tracing context is still unresolved research area
and there has been few papers about it ever.
Thus, this optical flow based motion blur paper is much valuable.